Social Science (SOCSC)

SOCSC 151  Society and Technology  3(3-0)  

Role of technology as a prime factor in changing social and political institutions. Addresses technology as the systematic application of organized knowledge and material tools to the extension of human faculties. (*)

SOCSC 201  Introduction to Social Science  3(3-0)  

Examines the different disciplines that make up the social sciences with particular emphasis on their interrelationships. Study of source materials as well as methods employed. (*)

SOCSC 209  African American Studies  3(3-0)  

Overview of the historical, political, and socio-cultural experiences of African Americans. (*) (Gen Ed: SS) (CC)

SOCSC 301  Social Science Methods  3(3-0)  

Examines the logic of research and major research methods used in the social sciences; explores their links to theory and their application in research projects. (*)

SOCSC 493  Seminar  3(3-0)  

In-depth study of special topics in the social sciences. Emphasis on critical inquiry and holistic understanding of stability, change, and challenges within a global context. (*) Repeatable (99).

SOCSC 591  Special Topics  2(2-0)  

Topics identified by subtitles taught. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (*) Repeatable (99).

SOCSC 593  Seminar  2(2-0)  

Various problems within the realm of social science, utilizing an integrated approach. For majors in broad area social science disciplines. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (*) Repeatable (99).