Civil Engineering Technology (CET)

CET 101  Intro to Civil Engineering Technology  2(1-2)  

Introduction to the field of Civil Engineering Technology: review career opportunities, study the engineering design process, explore issues of professional ethics, and do team projects. (F)

CET 102  Surveying I  3(0-6)  

Beginning course in plane surveying; covers proper chaining techniques, care and use of engineering levels, differential leveling, traversing, and construction surveying. (F)

CET 103  Surveying II  3(0-6)  

Introduction to land, topographic, and construction surveying. Prerequisite: CET 102, or permission of instructor. Corequisite: CET 116. (S)

CET 115  Civil Drafting I  3(0-6)  

An introduction to basic drafting, AutoCAD and Structural Detail drafting. Corequisite: CET 102. (F)

CET 116  Civil Drafting II  3(0-6)  

An introduction to maps, traverses, contours, plans and profiles, cut and fills. An introduction to architectural plans, elevations and section. Prerequisite: CET 115. Corequisite: CET 103. (S)

CET 202  Statics  3(3-0)  

Basic concepts and application of static forces, couples, resultants, equilibrium, friction, frames, trusses, free body diagrams, and centroids. Prerequisite: MATH 122 or MATH 124. (F)

CET 206  Strength of Materials  4(3-2)  

A study of the response of materials to loads with attention to stresses, strains, elastic and plastic responses to loading. Experiments demonstrate those principles. Prerequisite: CET 202. (S)

CET 207  Construction Materials and Methods  3(3-0)  

Properties, uses and methods of assembly of building materials as they apply to the construction industry. (F)

CET 208  Concrete and Asphalt Materials  3(2-2)  

Study of Portland cement concrete and bituminous pavements. Manufacturing, mix design, placing and finishing of these materials. The laboratory includes ASTM testing of these materials. (S)

CET 222  Dynamics  3(3-0)  

A study of the basic equations of motion, kinematics, kinetics, momentum, potential energy, work, and highway dynamics. Prerequisite: CET 202. (S)

CET 226  Engineering Problem Solving  2(1-2)  

An introduction to computer programming to solve engineering problems that apply to the complete spectrum of civil engineering technology courses. Prerequisite: CIS 101 and 104 and MATH 121. (F)

CET 303  Construction Management  3(3-0)  

Job specifications, contractor, organization, bonding, contracts, insurance and labor relations. Prerequisite: CET 207. (S)

CET 304  Building Cost Estimating  3(3-0)  

Estimating related to building construction industry. Quantity take-off, labor and material costs, records and assembling a general contractor's bid. (*)

CET 305  Heavy/Highway Cost Estimating  3(3-0)  

Estimating relating to heavy and highway construction. Covers heavy equipment selection and use, project scheduling and production rates. Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of instructor. (F)

CET 312  Route Surveying  3(2-2)  

Highway and route surveys, horizontal and vertical curves, grades, slope staking, and earthwork. Prerequisite: CET 103 and MATH 124. (*)

CET 315  Soil Mechanics Technology  3(2-2)  

Basic principles of soil mechanics and foundation design as they apply to design and construction. ATSM field tests will be done in the laboratory. Prerequisite: CET 206. (S)

CET 316  Structural Analysis  3(3-0)  

Introduction to the analysis of statically determinate and indeterminate structures. Prerequisite: CET 206 and MATH 126 and, PHYS 201 and 201L. (F)

CET 317  Hydraulics  3(2-2)  

Study of non-compressible fluids including the flow of water in pipes and open channels. Laboratory involves measuring static pressure, head losses, and flow rates. Prerequisite: CET 202, MATH 126, PHYS 201/L. (F)

CET 372  Traffic Analysis and Control  3(2-2)  

Introduction to traffic engineering including traffic system characteristics, traffic studies, capacity analysis, and traffic control. Laboratory activities include traffic data collection and analysis. (S)

CET 401  Land Surveying  3(3-0)  

Boundary control, property descriptions, deeds, subdivisions, emphasizing the legal aspects of land law and surveying. (*)

CET 404  Structural Steel Design  3(3-0)  

Structural steel design of beams, columns, girders and trusses to AISC standards. Prerequisite: CET 316. (S)

CET 405  Reinforced Concrete Design  3(3-0)  

Design of reinforced concrete beams, columns, girders and floor systems to conform to current ACI code. Prerequisite: CET 316. (F)

CET 412  Hydrology  3(3-0)  

Hydrologic cycle including precipitation, streamflow, ground-water runoff and the preparation of hydro graphs and frequency analysis. Prerequisite: CET 317. (S)

CET 414  Bridge Design  3(3-0)  

Design of bridge slabs, beams, abutments, wingwalls, piers, and footings. Prerequisite: CET 316. (*)

CET 415  Water and Sewer System Design  3(3-0)  

Fundamental principles of water supply and sewage design. Prerequisite: CET 317 and CHEM 111. (F)

CET 437  LEED Lab  3(2-2)  

Actively pursue certification for campus building or facility, including working on prerequisites, credits and supporting documentation. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. (F, S)

CET 455  Senior Project Seminar  1(1-0)  

Students formulate a proposal for their senior project and make written and oral presentations of the proposal. Speakers from industry present real-world examples. (F)

CET 456  Senior Project  3(1-4)  

Practical realistic projects relating to CET discipline are selected for design, analysis, and execution. Students prepare reports and make oral presentations. Prerequisite: CET 455. (S)

CET 473  Highway Design  3(3-0)  

A study of highway planning and design. Prerequisite: MATH 126 and CET 208 and CET 315 and CET 372. (F)

CET 475  Engineer-In-Training Preparation  3(3-0)  

This course is designed as preparation for the state Engineer-In-Training examination. Subjects include general engineering and civil engineering topics. (S)

CET 491  Special Topics  (1-3 V)  

Special Topics. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. (*) Repeatable (99).

CET 495  Independent Study  (1-3 V)  

Directed study for students interested in specific areas of CET. Prerequisite: Junior standing in CET and permission of instructor. (F, S) Repeatable (99).

CET 496  Cooperative Education Placement  (1-4 V)  

Industrial cooperative education work experience under the direction of a field supervisor and faculty member. (F, S, SS) Repeatable (99).