Construction Management (CM)

CM 101  Intro to Construction Management  2(1-2)  

Identify and understand the relationships among participants in the construction process and its history. Including risks, construction processes, construction law, regulations and construction project delivery. (F)

CM 231  Statics and Structures  4(4-0)  

An introduction to statics, strength of materials, and theory of structures, its applications to building construction and the use of trigonometry in solution of statics problems. MATH 121. Pre or corequisite: PHYS 201, 201L. Corequisite: Pre or corequisite: PHYS 201/201L. (F)

CM 320  Soils in Construction  3(2-2)  

A study of soil as a construction material; including investigation, testing, classification, engineering properties and modification techniques, excavations, fills, slope stabililty, and pavement subgrades. Prerequisite: CM 231. (S)

CM 330  Wood Structural Systems  3(2-2)  

A study of production and properties of wood, design methods for wood structural elements and fasteners, and production and erection methods of wood structures. Prerequisite: CM 231. (F)

CM 341  Concrete and Steel Structures  4(3-2)  

A study of concrete and steel structures including design elements and construction methods for simple structural systems, joints, connections, fasteners, and concrete formwork. Prerequisite: CM 231. (S)

CM 351  Construction Planning & Scheduling  3(2-2)  

Principles and techniques of planning and scheduling for construction projects. Topics include bar charts, Critical Path Method, precedence networks and cost-time takeoffs. Prerequisite: CET 304 or CET 305. (S)

CM 391  Special Topics  (1-3 V)  

Special Topics. (*) Repeatable (99).

CM 445  Construction Safety  2(2-0)  

The study of safe construction techniques, workers compensation insurance, OSHA regulations and requirements, cost of accidents, and ethical conduct regarding safety. Prerequisite: CET 207. (S)

CM 451  Mechanical & Electrical Systems  4(4-0)  

The study of mechanical and electrical systems associated with building construction: climate control systems, water and waste water systems, electric power and electronic communication systems. Prerequisite: PHYS 201 and CET 207. (F)

CM 461  Construction Law  3(3-0)  

Legal documents and operation in construction management including business ownership and organization, business development through bidding and negotiations, contracts, communication during construction, insurance and accounting. Prerequisite: CET 303. (F)

CM 465  Construction Accounting & Finance  3(3-0)  

Construction project analysis/financial control including, cash flow analysis and management, overhead cost and break even analysis, time value of money, banking, and bonding. Prerequisite: ACCTG 201. (S)

CM 475  Senior Project  3(1-4)  

An exercise in construction project analysis, cost estimating, scheduling, and the preparation and professional presentation of a project bid package for an organization. Prerequisite: Senior standing in CM and must be within 2 semesters of graduation. (S)

CM 491  Special Topics  (1-3 V)  

Special Topics. (*) Repeatable (99).

CM 495  Independent Study  (1-3 V)  

Directed study for students interested in a specific area of CM. (F, S) Repeatable (2).