Health Science (HS)

HS 101  Introduction to Health Professions  2(2-0)  

Introduction to health professions, education requirements, required certifications, accreditation and employment opportunities. (F, S, SS)

HS 230  Foundations of Public Health  3(3-0)  

Overview of key public health concepts, history, and how the core areas of public health help to promote population health. Employs active learning through individual activities, discussions, and field experiences. Prerequisite: HS 101. (F)

HS 235  Health Communication  3(3-0)  

Examination of the effects of the media, mass, social, and participator, in promoting and impeding the achievement of public health goals. Students will develop the skills to design, implement and evaluate health campaigns. (S)

HS 320  Evaluation of Public Health Issues  3(3-0)  

Critical examination of the social determinants of health, current issues in the US health system, and legal, administrative, and ethical considerations in public health and their impact on individuals and communities. (F)

HS 330  Epidemiology and Disease Prevention  3(3-0)  

Overview of principles of epidemiology and lifestyle-disease pathophysiology. Examines the use and broad application of epidemiologic concepts in public health to identify risk factors and resolve health issues in society. Prerequisite: HS 230. (F)

HS 335  Public Health and the Environment  3(3-0)  

This course introduces major issues of environmental health science, examines what those issues are, what determines them, how they impact population health, and ways in which they can be altered to improve health. (S)

HS 336  Community and Global Health  3(3-0)  

An examination of the political, religious, social and economic influences on the continuum of local/globe health and the role citizenship plays in advocating for the equitable distribution of health resources. Prerequisite: HS 230. (S)

HS 430  Public Health Program Planning  3(3-0)  

Assessment and planning methods for public health. Activities include gathering health related data, conducting needs assessments and reviewing or developing evidenced based, city, county and state level program plans. Prerequisite: HS 230. (F)

HS 435  Public Health Program Evaluation  3(3-0)  

Practical applications for the development of skills in public health program implementation and evaluation methods within a variety of settings including community, school/workplace and online. Prerequisite: HS 230, HS 430. (S)

HS 492  Research  (1-6 V)  

Research project conducted in collaboration with a faculity member. Prerequisite: Approval of a faculty member. (F, S, SS) Repeatable (6).

HS 494  Field Experience  (1-6 V)  

Supervised experiential learning activities to be conducted in the actual professional environment. Project and work experiences must represent the Health Sciences field. Prerequisite: Approval of the field experience coordinator and completion of the field experience agreement. (F, S, SS) Repeatable (12).

HS 498  Internship  12(0-36)  

450 hours of supervised experience with approved mentors in select public health settings. Activities include the completion of a major project, shadow hours and other assignments. Prerequisite: Senior standing; completion of all other degree requirements; 2.50 GPA in the major, coordinator approval and completion of internship agreement form. (F, S, SS)