Chicano Studies (CS)

CS 101  Introduction to Chicano Studies  3(3-0)  

Overview of the historical, political and socio-cultural experience of the Chicano. (F, S, SS) (Gen Ed: HS, GT-HI1) (CC)

CS 136  (HIST 136)   The Southwest United States  3(3-0)  

This course traces the culture and historical development of the southwestern United States, including cultural contributions of the American Indian and Hispanic peoples. (F, S) (Gen Ed: HS, GT-HI1) (CC)

CS 220  (ENG 220)   Survey of Chicano Literature  3(3-0)  

Survey of outstanding contemporary Chicano works. Literature deals with Chicano themes, including analysis of folklore and myth. (*) (Gen Ed: H, GT-AH2) (CC)

CS 230  (SW 230.)   Chicano: Social and Psychological Study  3(3-0)  

Social and psychological forces faced in the Chicano community. (F) (Gen Ed: SS, GT-SS3) (CC)

CS 235  Ballet Folklorico  3(1-2)  

The Mexican Folkloric Ballet class is designed with the interest of learning the history and art of an important part of Mexican culture, "Dance." (*) Repeatable (9).

CS 291  Special Topics  (1-3 V)  

Topics in Chicano studies, identified by student/faculty interest. Prior work in Chicano studies desirable. (*) Repeatable (99).

CS 303  Chicano Labor History in the United States  3(3-0)  

Chicano experience in the American labor market from 1848 to present. (*) (*)

CS 306  (WS 306)   La Chicana  3(3-0)  

A social cultural and historical overview of the Chicana experience and contributions. (F, S)

CS 325  (SW 325)   Health in the Chicano Community  3(3-0)  

Health care traditions and current health care systems in the barrio. (S)

CS 341  (WS 341)   Chicana Writers  3(3-0)  

Survey of Chicana writers from the early 1900s to the present. Along with the literature, aspects of history, sociology and politics will be incorporated. (*)

CS 346  (HIST 346)   History Of Mexico  3(3-0)  

This course surveys the major political, economic, social and cultural developments of Mexico from pre-Columbian times to the present. (S, E)

CS 401  (WS 401)   Third World Feminisms  3(3-0)  

This course focuses on Third World women's challenging views of global feminism and feminist representations of other women. (*)

CS 420  Voices of Protest  3(3-0)  

This course will highlight the contributions of people of color throughout the history of the United States. Prerequisite: Junior or senior level standing. (F, S)

CS 485  Capstone  3(3-0)  

Students will develop a project in which they will develop and execute a research assignment related to ethnicity, gender, or diversity. Prerequisite: Senior level standing; permission of the instructor. (*)

CS 489  (HIST 489)   Borderlands  3(3-0)  

History of the Mexican cession to the U.S. from its Indian and Hispanic origins to the present. (S, O)

CS 491  Special Topics  (1-3 V)  

Topics in Chicano Studies, identified by student/faculty interest. Prior work in Chicano Studies desirable. (*) Repeatable (99).

CS 495  Independent Study  (1-3 V)  

Special topics dealing with the Chicano and society. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. (F, S, SS)

CS 498  Internship  (1-3 V)  

For students with advanced standing. Practical experience through internships in government, business, and other community organizations. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. (S)