President's Leadership Program (PLP)

PLP 160  Principles of Leadership  3(3-0)  

Study of leadership theories and principles. The course emphasizes components of leadership, gender, ethnic diversity in leadership styles, organizational forms, and personal capacity for leadership. Prerequisite: Acceptance into President's Leadership Program. (F)

PLP 260  Leadership in Service Organizations  3(2-2)  

Lecture/experiential course outlining leadership practices through service learning in community settings. Open to PLP students only. Prerequisite: PLP 160 and enrollment in PLP. (F)

PLP 360  Applied Leadership  3(3-0)  

Leadership in action course applying needs assessments, analysis, strategy development, implementation and evaluation to a team project in private, public or nonprofit sector. PLP required. Prerequisite: PLP 260 and enrollment in PLP. (F)

PLP 460  Working with Experienced Leaders  3(1-4)  

Lecature/practicum course assigning students to leader mentorship in public, private, or government sector. Leasership issues and challenges in a structured, but applied setting. Prerequisite: PLP 360 and enrollment in PLP. (F, S, SS)

PLP 489  Field Placement in Leadership  3(0-3)  

A semester-long internship where students take on a supervised leadership role within an organization. Prerequisite: PLP 160 and PLP 260, and PLP 360. Corequisite: Student must be enrolled in President's Leadership Program. (F, S, SS)

PLP 491  Special Topics  (1-3 V)  

Special topics are offered to students in areas where regular course offerings are not available. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing and permission of instructor. (*)