History (HIST)

HIST 110  World History to 1500  3(3-0)  

Emergence of agricultural civilizations; political, economic, and social developments; growth of empires, trade, impact of geography, climate, disease; contact between Eurasia, Africa, Australasia, the Americas. (F, S) (Gen Ed: HS, GT-HI1) (CC)

HIST 111  World History since 1500  3(3-0)  

Columbian Exchange; growth of global empires, commerce, and international rivalries and cooperation; industrialization, spreading revolutions, the information age, and the emergence of the modern world. (F, S) (Gen Ed: HS, GT-HI1) (CC)

HIST 136  (CS 136)   The Southwest United States  3(3-0)  

This course traces the culture and historical development of the southwestern United States, including cultural contributions of the American Indian and Hispanic peoples. (F, S) (Gen Ed: HS, GT-HI1) (CC)

HIST 201  U.S. History I  3(3-0)  

United States history from founding of North American colonies to 1877 Reconstruction era. (F, S) (Gen Ed: HS, GT-HI1)

HIST 202  U.S. History II  3(3-0)  

United States from 1877 Reconstruction era to contemporary era. (F, S) (Gen Ed: HS, GT-HI1)

HIST 291  Special Topics  (1-3 V)  

Special Topics. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. (*)

HIST 295  Independent Study  (1-3 V)  

An individualized program of study designed by ranked, full-time History professor for a promising student. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. (*)

HIST 301  America to 1787  3(3-0)  

History of America during the colonial and Revolutionary eras. (F, E)

HIST 302  America, 1787-1877  3(3-0)  

History of the United States during the early national and Civil War eras. (S, O)

HIST 303  America, 1877-1945  3(3-0)  

History of United States from the Gilded Age to 1945. (F, O)

HIST 304  America, 1945-Present  3(3-0)  

History of the United States from 1945 to the present. (S, E)

HIST 311  U.S. & Them: America in the World  3(3-0)  

From colonies to superpower, Americans’ changing relationships with the world’s other peoples, official and unofficial; war and peace, trade and embargo, policy and politics. (S, O)

HIST 312  Colorado History  3(3-0)  

History, government and economic factors important to the settlement and development of Colorado. (S, E)

HIST 330  Ancient Greece  3(3-0)  

History of Greece from the Bronze Age to the Fourth Century B.C.E., emphasizing political, social, intellectual and cultural developments. (S, E)

HIST 333  Roman Republic  3(3-0)  

History of the Roman Republic emphasizing the origin and expansion of Rome and its effect on political, social, intellectual and cultural developments. (F, E)

HIST 334  Roman Empire  3(3-0)  

History of the Roman Empire emphasizing political, social, economic and cultural developments. (S, O)

HIST 346  (CS 346)   History of Mexico  3(3-0)  

This course surveys the major political, economic, social and cultural developments of Mexico from pre-Columbian times to the present. (S, E)

HIST 352  Europe-Emergence, Empire, Evolution  3(3-0)  

Survey of European history from late antiquity to the present; medieval period, Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, Revolutions; modernity, extreme ideologies, World Wars, decolonization, steps to unification. (S, E)

HIST 362  History of Russia  3(3-0)  

Cultural and political development of Russian and Soviet history from 800 to the present; emphasis on impact of the Bolshevik Revolution on history. (F, O)

HIST 368  Blood, Tears & Glory: War & History  3(3-0)  

How and why societies go to war, fight wars, and deal with the consequences. Provides a global view of military history emphasizing culture and combat. (F, E)

HIST 372  History Of Modern China  3(3-0)  

Cultural and political developments in modern China; emphasis on the interplay between Chinese tradition and western challenges. (F, E)

HIST 395  Independent Study  (1-3 V)  

An individualized program of study designed by a ranked full-time Historian for a promising student who has demonstrated ability in a regular History class. Prerequisite: Previous work in History and permission of Instructor. (*)

HIST 410  Creation of the US Constitution  3(3-0)  

Explores writing and ratification of U.S. Constitution. (S, O)

HIST 413  American West  3(3-0)  

Role of the individual and the group in the development of the frontier into the 20th century. (F, O)

HIST 414  The American Civil War  3(3-0)  

Social, cultural, and political developments that caused the sectional crisis, secession, and war. War coverage includes military strategy, politics, diplomacy, and emancipation. (S, E)

HIST 415  Civil Rights  3(3-0)  

Survey from Reconstruction to Black Lives Matter; particular focus on judicial, presidential, legislative, and grassroots efforts to promote change. (F, O)

HIST 428  (SOC 428, WS 428)   Women & Work  3(3-0)  

Examines historical and contemporary issues for women of various economic, social, and ethnic groups, especially in the US; examines gender ideologies about paid, unpaid work. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing or permission of instructor. (*)

HIST 432  Religion and Politics in US History  3(3-0)  

Explores the intersection of religion & politics in US history. Emphasis on 1st Amendment, particularly church and state. Will discuss meaning of the 1st amendment, evolution, school prayer, rise of the religious right, KKK. (F, O)

HIST 445  Topics in the History of Empires  3(3-0)  

Comparative study of empires with in-depth analysis of specific topics and themes. Variable Content. (F, O) Repeatable (9).

HIST 489  (CS 489)   Borderlands  3(3-0)  

History of the Mexican cession to the United States from its Indian and Hispanic origins to the present. (S, O)

HIST 491  Special Topics  (1-3 V)  

Special Topics. (*) Repeatable (99).

HIST 493  Seminar  3(3-0)  

Seminar devoted to special topics and issues in history; emphasis on research paper. (S)

HIST 495  Independent Study  (1-3 V)  

An individualized program of study designed by a ranked full-time Historian for a History major or minor. Prerequisite: History major or minor and permission of instructor. (*)

HIST 498  Internship  (3-6 V)  

For advanced students. Practical experience through internship with museums, libraries with historical collections, and other community organizations. Recommended: history major or minor with junior or senior status. Prerequisite: Departmental permission. (*) Repeatable (6).

HIST 591  Special Topics  (1-3 V)  

Special Topics. (*)

HIST 595  Independent Study  (1-3 V)  

An individualized program of study designed by a ranked Historian and approved by the Graduate Director. Prerequisite: Permission of Graduate Director. (*) Repeatable (6).