Automotive Industry Management (AIM)

AIM 105  AIM and College Life  1(1-0)  

Introduction to the industry from viewpoint of history, social impact, and future growth. Provide student exposure to AIM program policies and procedures, campus resources and college life. (F, S)

AIM 115  Automotive Engine Design, Operation and Repair  5(3-4)  

Design, operation and repair techniques of current and future automotive engines. (F)

AIM 125  Automotive Suspension and Brake Systems  3(3-0)  

Design and theory of front and rear automotive suspensions, steering, and brake systems. (F)

AIM 125L  Automotive Suspension and Brake Systems Lab  1(0-2)  

Automotive Suspension and Brake Systems Lab. Corequisite: AIM 125. (F)

AIM 155  Automotive Parts Operations  4(4-0)  

Study of automotive industry management theory and styles of store operations including customer service skills, associate interaction, managerial responsibilities. Product and parts catalog knowledge/advertising. (F)

AIM 165  Automotive Power Trains and Drive Lines  3(3-0)  

Design and theory of standard and automatic transmissions, clutches, drive lines, differentials, and transaxles. Corequisite: AIM 165L. (S)

AIM 165L  Automotive Power Trains and Drive Lines Lab  1(0-2)  

Automotive Power Trains and Drive Lines Lab. Corequisite: AIM 165. (S)

AIM 235  Automotive Engine Performance  3(3-0)  

Design and theory of automotive fuel systems, fuel injection, and supercharging; functions and design of automotive emissions systems. Prerequisite: AIM 115 and AIM 245 and 245L. Corequisite: AIM 235L. (S)

AIM 235L  Automotive Engine Performance Lab  1(0-2)  

Automotive Fuel Systems and Exhaust Emissions Systems Lab. Corequisite: AIM 235. (S)

AIM 245  Automotive Electrical Systems I  3(3-0)  

Design and theory of operation of automotive electrical circuits; ignition, starting, charging, and accessory circuits, with study of diagnostic equipment used to diagnose system malfunctions. (F)

AIM 245L  Automotive Electrical Systems Laboratory I  1(0-2)  

Automotive Electrical Systems Laboratory I. Corequisite: AIM 245. (F)

AIM 255  Automotive Electrical Systems II  3(3-0)  

Design and operational theory of solid state ignitions systems and computer-controlled systems including engine, braking, transmission, emission, and comfort systems. Prerequisite: AIM 245 and 245L Corequisite: AIM 255L (S)

AIM 255L  Automotive Electrical Systems II Lab  1(0-2)  

Automotive Electrical Systems II Lab. Corequisite: AIM 255. (S)

AIM 265  Automotive Parts Management Systems  4(3-2)  

Introduce students to aftermarket store operations,inventory and distribution management. Emphasis is on hands-on store operations, business contacts, job placement and internship. Prerequisite: AIM 105 and AIM 155. (S)

AIM 296  Cooperative Education Placement  (1-5 V)  

Supervised industrial field work. Prerequisite: AIM major. (F, S)

AIM 305  Regulatory, Enviro, Health Issues  3(3-0)  

A study of automotive regulatory issues to include, OSHA, SDS, RTK, health and environmental issues. (F)

AIM 325  Fuels and Lubricant Production, Marketing and Conservation  3(3-0)  

Petroleum industry; basic production processes, marketing techniques, alternate fuel sources, and conservation techniques. (F)

AIM 335  Automotive Shop Practices  5(2-6)  

Diagnosis of electrical, fuel, engine, brake and transmission systems; study of service management and service writer duties. Prerequisite: AIM 125 and 125L and AIM 165 and 165L and AIM 235 and 235L and AIM 255 and 255L and AIM 345. (S)

AIM 345  Advanced Automotive Systems  5(3-4)  

Theory and lab experience on new concepts in automotive electrical, fuel and suspension systems. Prerequisite: AIM 125 and 125L and AIM 165 and 165L and AIM 235 and 235L and AIM 255and 255L. (F)

AIM 405  Personal Selling Methods and Techniques  4(3-2)  

Research, preparation and presentation methods and techniques for selling in the automotive milieu. (F)

AIM 425  Automotive Financial Management  5(4-2)  

Introduction to dealership operations, financial management and analysis of OEM. Emphasis to develop experience through job placement and internship. Prerequisite: AIM 155 and AIM 265. (S)

AIM 490  Special Projects  (1-5 V)  

Special interest area. (*) Repeatable (10).

AIM 491  Special Topics  (1-5 V)  

Special Topics. (F, S) Repeatable (10).

AIM 495  Independent Study  (1-4 V)  

Directed, independent study of topics agreed upon by the student and instructor. (F, S, SS) Repeatable (10).

AIM 496  Cooperative Education Placement  (1-5 V)  

Supervised industrial field work. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing and AIM major. (F, S) Repeatable (10).