University Studies (US)

US 101  Academic & Career Exploration  1(1-0)  

Provides undeclared/declared students who are still deciding on their majors an opportunity to assess their abilities, interests and goals while investigating the University's degree programs. (F)

US 151  Introduction to Academic Life  3(3-0)  

To provide an opportunity for students to learn and adopt methods to be successful in college. Critical thinking, writing and time management are emphasized. (F, S)

US 251  Student Leadership Development  2(2-0)  

Create an opportunity for students to define, learn, adopt, and integrate within themselves the "purpose of leadership". (S)

US 255  Residence Hall Advising  1(1-0)  

Will teach student development theory, history of residence life, communication skills and assertiveness training which will enhance the quality of student leaders and resident advisors. (S)

US 350  Orientation Leadership Training  3(3-0)  

Course emphasis is to develop a student's leadership and communication skills, enhance knowledge and understanding of University policies and procedures and campus resources and services. (S)

US 355  Becoming an Effective Tutor  3(2-2)  

Concepts and techniques of effective tutoring, including issues such as communication, rapport, confidentiality, learning styles, disabilities, and general study skills. Limited hands-on experience required. (*)