Notes About This Catalog Issue

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for International Students

Any 498, 598, 698, and 998 number course may be used to fulfill any major 300/400-level requirement for graduation with advisor approval. Students must be registered in the course prior to requesting CPT, and provide an audit showing the course fulfilling their major program graduation requirement(s). For additional information refer to the Special Academic Programs & Services portion of the catalog. 

New General Education

  • WL 101 Intro to a Critical Wrld Language I (3 c.h.)
    • Humanities
    • Cross Cultural
  • WL 102 Intro to a Critical Wrl Language II (3 c.h.)
    • Humanities
    • Cross Cultural
  • PHIL 107 Intro to Religious Studies (GT-AH3) (3 c.h.)
    • Social Science

New Programs

Undergraduate Programs

3+2 Programs

Minor Programs


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