Psychology (PSYCH)

PSYCH 100  General Psychology  3(3-0)  

Overview of the field of psychology including learning, perception, motivation, emotion, heredity, personality, development, abnormal and psycho-therapy. (F, S, SS) (Gen Ed: SS, GT-SS3)

PSYCH 103  Introductory Psychology for Majors  3(3-0)  

Explore psychology as a career in addition to an introduction to the basic skills required for conducting psychological research including APA writing style, journal article analysis, and basic statistics. (F, S)

PSYCH 105  (POLSC 105, SOC 105, WS 105)   Understanding Human Diversity  3(3-0)  

Americans live in a complex and diverse society. This course examines the nature, impact and strategies for dealing with diversity in personal and social contexts. (*) (*)

PSYCH 151  Human Development  3(3-0)  

Survey of human development through life span. A multi-disciplinary approach to the study of both change and stability in physical, cognitive, social and personality development Review of relevant developmental theory and research. (F, S, SS) (Gen Ed: SS, GT-SS3)

PSYCH 205  Introduction to Sport Psychology  3(3-0)  

An introduction to psychological theories and constructs affecting performance, coaching & development in sports and athletics. (F)

PSYCH 207  Quantitative Research Methods I  3(3-0)  

Introduction to research development and use of quantitative methods. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 and PSYCH 103 and Gen Ed Math. Corequisite: PSYCH 207L. (F, S)

PSYCH 207L  Quantitative Research Methods Lab I  1(0-1)  

Introduction to methods of psychological experimentation. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 and PSYCH 103 and Gen Ed Math. Corequisite: PSYCH 207. (F, S)

PSYCH 209  Quantitative Research II  3(3-0)  

Continuation of PSYCH 207. Focus on research development and quantitative methods. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 and PSYCH 103 and PSYCH 207 and PSYCH 207L and Gen Ed Math. Corequisite: PSYCH 209L. (F, S)

PSYCH 209L  Quantitative Research Methods Lab II  1(0-1)  

Continuation of Quantitative Research Methods Lab I. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 and PSYCH 103 and Gen Ed Math and PSYCH 207 and PSYCH 207L. Corequisite: PSYCH 209. (F, S)

PSYCH 211  (WS 211)   Women and Society  3(3-0)  

Statistical overview of the current status of women, followed by examination of theories concerning equality of the sexes. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100. (F)

PSYCH 212  (WS 212)   Psychology of Diversity  3(3-0)  

To raise awareness of social inequities, promote cultural competency & appreciation of differences. (*)

PSYCH 220  Drugs and Behavior  3(3-0)  

Principles of drug action with attention to beneficial and harmful uses of drugs. (F, S)

PSYCH 222  Understanding Animal Behavior  3(3-0)  

Basic comparative and ethological perspectives regarding animal behavior. Scientific techniques for observation of animal behavior may be demonstrated at the Pueblo Zoo. (F, S) (Gen Ed: SS, GT-SS3)

PSYCH 231  (SOC 231, WS 231)   Marriage and Family Relationships  3(3-0)  

Marriage and family from an institutional and relationship perspective: cross-cultural diversity, mate selection, marital dynamics, parenting, divorce, remarriage, emerging patterns. (F, S) (Gen Ed: SS)

PSYCH 241  Human Sexuality  3(3-0)  

Psychological and biological aspects of human sexual behavior. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 and sophomore standing. (*)

PSYCH 251  Childhood and Adolescence  3(3-0)  

Physical, social, cognitive, and emotional growth of the individual from childhood through adolescence. Topics include intelligence, social development, self development, moral development, family relations. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100. (F, S) (Gen Ed: SS)

PSYCH 291  Special Topics  (1-4 V)  

Special Topics. Prerequisite: Instructor permission. (*) Repeatable (6).

PSYCH 311  Theories Of Personality  3(3-0)  

Major theories of personality and the methods of personality investigation. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100. (F, S)

PSYCH 315  Industrial/Organizational Psychology  3(3-0)  

Application of the principles of psychology to the workplace, including personnel selection, motivation, group processes, leadership, job analysis, and organization. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100. (*)

PSYCH 331  Physiological Psychology  3(3-0)  

Structure and function of the brain, nervous and endocrine systems; biological basis of sensation, perception, sleep and arousal, motivation, learning and memory, and drug action. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100. Corequisite: PSYCH 331L. (S)

PSYCH 331L  Physiological Psychology Lab  1(0-2)  

Physiological Psychology Lab. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100. Corequisite: PSYCH 331. (S)

PSYCH 334  Perception  3(3-0)  

The senses and how they cooperate with the brain to provide awareness and knowledge of the world about us. Empirical findings and theoretical analysis of the processes of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching. Role of learning in normal and illusory perception is considered. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100. Corequisite: PSYCH 334L. (*)

PSYCH 334L  Perception Lab  1(0-2)  

Perception Lab. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100. Corequisite: PSYCH 334. (*)

PSYCH 336  Learning and Motivation  3(3-0)  

Principles of learning and memory. Empirical findings and theoretical analyses of topics including conditioning, reinforcement and punishment. Research and application. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 or permission of instructor. (*)

PSYCH 337  Memory and Cognition  3(3-0)  

Theory and research on current topics in cognition, including attention, concept formation, imagery, memory, decision making, language acquisition, problem solving and text comprehension. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100. (F)

PSYCH 342  Educational Psychology  3(3-0)  

The contribution of psychology theory, research and methods to our understanding of teaching and learning. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 or 151. (*)

PSYCH 351  Psychology of the Exceptional Individual  3(3-0)  

Survey of characteristics of those individuals considered significantly above or below the norm of the population. Emphasis on behavioral identification and modification of the home, school and social environment. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100. (*)

PSYCH 352  (SOC 352)   Social Psychology  3(3-0)  

General and applied psychological principles of the individual's interaction with a group. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100. (*)

PSYCH 362  Abnormal Psychology  3(3-0)  

Etiology, diagnosis and therapy of maladaptive or abnormal behaviors and mental functioning. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100. (F, S)

PSYCH 401  History and Systems of Psychology  3(3-0)  

The historical development of modern psychology from its roots in classical philosophy and the social, cultural, and political context within which psychological theory emerged. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 and 209 and and 209L. (F, S)

PSYCH 403  Emotional Intelligence  3(3-0)  

This course examines scientific research from the fields of Affective Neuroscience, Personality and Positive Psychology regarding emotional intelligence, specifically: emotional awareness, expressivity, motivation and regulation. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100. (*)

PSYCH 405  Positive Psychology  3(3-0)  

This course examines the latest scientific research constituting positive psychology. Topics include: Well-Being, Gratitude, Empathy, Forgiveness, Hope, Resilience, and Humor. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100. (*)

PSYCH 463  Psychopathology of Childhood  3(3-0)  

A survey of the unique conceptual models of etiology, assessment and therapy appropriate to the study of the psychological disorders of childhood. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 and 362. (*)

PSYCH 464  Systems of Counseling and Psycho-Therapy  3(3-0)  

Traditional and contemporary theories of counseling and psychotherapy through use of case studies and other selected materials. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 and 311 and 362. Corequisite: PSYCH 464L or permission of instructor. (F)

PSYCH 464L  Systems of Counselng & Psycho-therapy Lab  1(0-2)  

Systems of Counselng & Psycho-therapy Lab. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 and 311 and 362. Corequisite: PSYCH 464. (F)

PSYCH 465  Behavior Modification  3(3-0)  

Advanced methods and techniques of behavior modification as practiced in various agencies and institutions. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 and junior or senior standing. (*)

PSYCH 471  Clinical Psychology  3(3-0)  

Survey of clinical psychology as a profession. Training requirements, opportunities, future directions, current research and ethical problems. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 and 362 and junior or senior standing. (F)

PSYCH 475  Group Process  3(3-0)  

Study and practice of basic group theory and approaches as they are applied in mental health. Basic group therapeutic techniques and procedures will be demonstrated in an experiential setting. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 and 311 and 362 and, 464 and 464L and junior or senior standing. (S)

PSYCH 491  Special Topics  (1-3 V)  

Special Topics. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. (*) Repeatable (99).

PSYCH 492  Research  (1-3 V)  

Faculty directed research project for undergraduate student. Prerequisite: Junior or senior level standing or permission of instructor. (F, S, SS) Repeatable (3).

PSYCH 494  Field Experience  (1-12 V)  

In-depth, on-the-job experience in psychology, individually designed. Ability to use psychological tests and counseling techniques recommended. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 and 311 and 362 and 464 and 464L and junior or senior standing and permission of instructor. (F, S, SS) Repeatable (12).

PSYCH 495  Independent Study  (1-3 V)  

Independent Study. Prerequisite: PSYCH 100 and junior or senior standing. (F, S, SS) Repeatable (3).