Mass Communications and Center for New Media (MCCNM)

MCCNM 101  Media and Society  3(3-0)  

Survey course that examines the historical, sociological, economic, technological, and ethical foundations of mediated communication from a social scientific perspective. (F, S, SS) (Gen Ed: SS, GT-SS3)

MCCNM 140  Radio Station Operation  1(1-0)  

An introduction to radio station operation. Students gain practical experience operating KTSC 89.5, Colorado State University-Pueblo's 8,000 watt radio station. Prerequisite: MCCNM 101. (F, S)

MCCNM 201  Introduction to Journalism  3(3-0)  

Instruction in basic journalism concepts including news writing style, news values, the public's right to know, objectivity, fairness and accuracy. Required for majors and minors. Prerequisite: ENG 101 and 102. (F, S)

MCCNM 210  Intro to Integrated Communication  3(3-0)  

Fundamental principles of Integrated Marketing Communication, including advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and direct response, as applied to non-profit, government, and for profit organizations. Prerequisite: MCCNM 101. (F, S, SS)

MCCNM 211  Digital Publishing  3(1-4)  

Introduction to publishing and design principles on a desktop computing environment, preparing students for publication design and editing careers. (F, S, SS)

MCCNM 220  Introduction to Electronic Media  3(3-0)  

The course focuses upon the history, background, and technologies of the electronic media. Prerequisite: MCCNM 101. (F, S)

MCCNM 222  Broadcast News Writing  3(3-0)  

Preparation of copy for radio/television news reports, interviews and commentary. (*)

MCCNM 232  Website Design  3(2-2)  

Introduction to the creation and design of WWW pages, software applications, protocols and standards for implementing and managing WWW sites. (F, S, SS)

MCCNM 233  Script Writing  3(2-2)  

Techniques, styles, formats, treatments, outlines, and scenarios for script forms used in the electronic media are covered with emphasis upon preparing scripts for production. (S)

MCCNM 235  (WS 235)   Women and Media  3(3-0)  

The historical and cultural implications of the mass media's portrayal of women and the extent of their media participation from colonial to contemporary times. (*)

MCCNM 245  Digital Media Production  3(3-0)  

Concepts, skills and technology needed for recording and production of digital audio and video communication. Prerequisite: MCCNM 101. (F, S)

MCCNM 246  Advanced Digital Media Production  3(2-2)  

The theory and practice of location digital video production using the single-camera approach to news and other non-fiction formats. Prerequisite: MCCNM 245. (*)

MCCNM 260  Digital Imaging  4(2-4)  

A course in applied digital imaging for mass communications print and web publications. Emphasis is on digital image acquisition, enhancement and creative application using computer software. (SS)

MCCNM 282  Digital Media Post Production  3(2-2)  

The theory and practice of digital post production using nonlinear editing. Students will use their production skills in a variety of community based projects. Prerequisite: MCCNM 245. (*)

MCCNM 301  Editorial Writing  3(3-0)  

Study of editorial page management and policy, with emphasis on preparation of editorials, columns and critical reviews. Prerequisite: MCCNM 201. (*)

MCCNM 302  Advertising Copywriting  3(3-0)  

Copy writing essentials and formats for print, broadcast and direct mail advertising. Emphasis on developing writing techniques for practical application in both retail and product advertising. Prerequisite: MCCNM 210 and MCCNM 211. (F)

MCCNM 305  News and Feature Writing  3(3-0)  

Course covers the principles and practices, skills and ethics of professional general assignment news reporting and feature writing, including in-depth interviewing. Prerequisite: MCCNM 201. (S)

MCCNM 312  Publication Editing and Design  3(3-0)  

News and features evaluation, copy editing, headline writing, basic page and overall publication design principles, photo and illustration editing, and use of desktop publishing software. Prerequisite: MCCNM 211 and 305. (S)

MCCNM 317  Advertising Strategy  3(3-0)  

Seminar emphasizing tactics and strategies of advertising planning, utilizing media techniques, marketing posture and creative media buying. Prerequisite: MCCNM 210. (*)

MCCNM 318  Regulation of Electronic Media  3(3-0)  

The historical and legal structures of radio, television, cable, and new technologies of mass communications are explored with emphasis upon inventors, innovation, and social development. Prerequisite: MCCNM 101 and 220. (F, S)

MCCNM 320  Media Programming  3(3-0)  

Program types used on broadcast stations; analysis of network structure and local station programs; ethical requirements in programming. Prerequisite: MCCNM 101 and 220. (F)

MCCNM 321  Public Relations Case Problems  3(3-0)  

Emphasis on analyzing public relations scenarios involving non-profit, private sector and government organizations and their impact on such publics as employees, consumers, voters, and volunteers. Prerequisite: MCCNM 210. (F)

MCCNM 330  (WS 330)   Gender and Film  3(3-0)  

A discussion course which examines gender roles in theatrical and documentary film while considering the perspective of producers, actors and spectators and salient film theories. Prerequisite: Upper division standing in MCCNM or Women's Studies. (*)

MCCNM 333  U2: Mediated Discourse & Invention  3(3-0)  

A survey of the history, background, influence, work, and music of U2, coupled with the opportunity to examine the band's mediated communication efforts and creativity. Prerequisite: MCCNM 101. (S)

MCCNM 336  Interactive Media  3(3-0)  

An overview of interactive media systems and the computer applications used to create interactive media content. Prerequisite: MCCNM 101. (F)

MCCNM 338  Global Communications  3(3-0)  

A discussion of the cross border flow of information and cultural products, emphasis placed on major movements, investors, and global activities involved in international communication. Prerequisite: MCCNM 220. (F)

MCCNM 350  Advanced Media Lab  (2-3 V)  

Advanced laboratory courses for media that include the TODAY online and print news operation, advertising, KTSC-FM radio, and KTSC-RMPBS television production. Prerequisite: MCCNM major or minor and junior or senior standing, or permission of instructor. (F, S, SS) Repeatable (9).

MCCNM 370  Non-profit Organizations and Communication  3(3-0)  

A seminar course using cooperative teaching that integrates theory and practice to examine the basic elements of nonprofit organizations from economic, political, and social perspectives. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. (S)

MCCNM 402  Photojournalism  4(3-2)  

Practical course in pictorial reporting; emphasis on spot news feature, picture stories and photographic essays. Prerequisite: MCCNM 260 or permission of instructor. (*)

MCCNM 411  Media Law and Ethics  3(3-0)  

Ethical and legal factors of mass communications related to the structure and substance of laws at federal, state and local levels, including freedoms, restraints and contemporary issues. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing. (F, S)

MCCNM 415  Theories of Mass Communication  3(3-0)  

Application of information theories to mass communication problems. Nature of the communication process in groups and between mass media and audiences. Contribution of theoretical concepts to solving specific problems. Prerequisite: Senior standing or permission of instructor. (*)

MCCNM 422  Writing for Public Relations  3(3-0)  

A specialized course in persuasive writing techniques in different formats. Emphasis is on print and electronic news releases, public service announcements, brochures, news-letters, speeches, and proclamations. Prerequisite: MCCNM 201 and 210. (S)

MCCNM 425  Audience Research Methodology  3(3-0)  

Research methods to define and describe various publics contained within the mass audience. Emphasis on sampling, survey methods, data collection and analysis. (F, S)

MCCNM 430  Integrated Communications Campaigns  3(3-0)  

The course examines the organization, structure, components and preparation of an integrated communication campaign focusing on advertising, public relations, sales promotion and direct response. Prerequisite: MCCNM 302 and MCCNM 425. (F)

MCCNM 432  Video Documentary  3(2-2)  

Advanced production course about non-fiction formats. The course combines theory, history, and production aesthetics specific to television documentary with opportunity to produce a TV documentary. Prerequisite: MCCNM 245. (*)

MCCNM 440  (ENG 440)   Magazine Writing  3(3-0)  

Instruction and practice in writing nonfiction magazine articles, with emphasis on story research and market selection. Prerequisite: MCCNM 305. (*)

MCCNM 445  Reporting Public Affairs  3(3-0)  

Instruction and practice in reporting important issues in areas such as crime, courts, local and state government. Prerequisite: MCCNM 305. (S)

MCCNM 470  Healthcare Communications  3(3-0)  

A specialized integrated communication course to develop deeper understanding of the healthcare industry and how integrated communications helps healthcare organizations achieve their objectives. Prerequisite: MCCNM 210. (S)

MCCNM 490  Special Projects  (1-3 V)  

Individualized instruction within a special interest area, under supervision of a member of the department. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing, or permission of instructor. (F, S, SS) Repeatable (6).

MCCNM 491  Special Topics  (1-3 V)  

Special Topics. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing, or permission of instructor. (F, S, SS) Repeatable (99).

MCCNM 493  Seminar  3(3-0)  

Seminar devoted to special problems in mass media; emphasis on interrelationships of media, understanding media, and the role of criticism. Prerequisite: Senior standing. (F, S)

MCCNM 494  Field Experience  (3-9 V)  

A semester-long internship. Student performs the professional duties required by the cooperating commercial mass medium, business or public service agency. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing and minimum of 30 hours in major, or permission of program chair and 3.0 major GPA. (F, S, SS) Repeatable (9).

MCCNM 495  Independent Study  (1-3 V)  

Independent Study. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing, or permission of instructor. (F, S, SS) Repeatable (6).

MCCNM 591  Special Topics  (1-3 V)  

Special Topics. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (*)