Student Services

Campus Life, Student Engagement and Development

Student Affairs

Student Affairs strives to support the University’s goals for student learning and success by creating and maximizing opportunities, programs, and services for personal, professional, and leadership development that promotes respect for self and others, collaboration and service to the community.

The Office of Student Affairs
Occhiato Student Center Suite 201
Phone: 719-549-2586

Residence Life and Housing

Live, learn, and enjoy the opportunities of a lifetime in campus housing. Living on campus can be an enriching experience and a great way to ensure success.

The residence halls are home to more than 850 students. The University Residence Life and Housing Office is located in the Occhiato Student Center in Suite 201. Each hall has a front desk and staff dedicated to the building.

Most of the residence hall rooms are designed for two people living in double rooms with a shared bathroom. All of the rooms come with an extra-long twin bed, dresser, desk, and desk chair for each individual. Rooms will also include a microfridge in each room. Rooms have cable and internet access-either Ethernet or wireless as routers are not permitted within the Residence Halls. Front desk are staffed by student staff in order to check guest in and out of the hall and to answer question and check out equipment to residents.

Live-in Requirement

CSU-Pueblo requires All newly admitted First Year and Transfer students, under 21 years of age, with a home address outside of Pueblo County, who graduated high school or the equivalent in the preceding academic year to live on campus for two academic years (four (4) complete academic semester, excluding summer).

All newly admitted First Year, Transfer and Returning students, under 21 years of age, with a home address outside of Pueblo County, who graduated high school or the equivalent two academic years prior are required to live on campus for one academic years (two (2) complete academic semester, excluding summer). For example, if a student graduated high school in the 2018/2019  academic year, the student is required to live on campus for the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 academic years. If that same student who graduated in spring of 2019, transferred in for fall of 2019, they would only be held to one academic year on campus.

Students who meet one or more of the following criteria may request an exemption to the two-year live-on requirement. The exemption criteria include but is not limited to:

  1. Student will commute from their parent’s or guardian’s home within Pueblo County.1
  2. Student has lived on campus for the equivalent of two full academic years at another University before transferring to CSU-Pueblo. Students who transfer into CSU-Pueblo with only one year of live-on experience at their previous institution will only need to live on campus at CSU-Pueblo for one year.
  3. Student is 21 years of age or older prior to the start of the fall semester.
  4. Student is married and/or has a dependent child.
  5. Student is enrolled in less than twelve (12) credit hours or taking all online classes.
  6. Student is a member of the United States military who has served for one (1) year or more.
  7. Student is exempted for medical reasons.

Students seeking an exemption from the live-on requirement for housing must complete a Housing Exemption Form and receive approval. The Housing Exemption Committee will determine if an exemption to the live-on requirement will be granted and students will be notified of the committee’s decision.

All residential students are required to have a meal plan. Students failing to meet these requirements will be assigned housing and will be assessed the costs of the housing rate assigned and board charges.

Residence Hall Association

Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a student organization within the residence halls with a focus on student programming. Being involved in RHA can be as easy as being a floor representative in your hall. Each hall has a hall council which works with the executive board of RHA to do programming for all halls. Being in RHA also allows the opportunity to attend regional and national conferences and the ability to network with other students across the nation. Involvement in RHA is a good opportunity for students to build networking and leadership skills on campus while being a part of the residence life experience.

Crestone Residence Hall

This residence hall is home to 252 students in 72 bedroom suites. It features a laundry room, warming kitchen, a state of the art classroom, mail boxes, and meeting space. A glassed-in lounge is located on each floor. There are also card access security entrances to provide a safe living and learning environment. This building is designed for wireless internet access.

Culebra Residence Hall

Culebra Hall has four floors of mostly suite-styled student rooms, totaling 235 beds, a commons/lounge area with adjacent small study rooms, laundry room, mail boxes, and a food venue offering soups, snacks, and sandwiches. A glassed-in lounge is located on each floor. There are also card access security entrances to provide a safe living and learning environment. This building has wireless internet access.

Greenhorn Residence Hall

This residence hall offers four floors of mostly suite-styled student rooms totaling 263 beds with a commons/lounge area and adjacent small study rooms, laundry room, mailboxes, warming kitchen, and fully-equipped technology classroom. A glassed-in lounge is located on each floor. There are also card access security entrances to provide a safe living and learning environment. This building has wireless internet access.

Application Information

A $150 non-refundable application fee must accompany each application. Housing contracts are issued for the entire academic year and must include a meal plan.

Contract Board (Meal Plan) Policies

Residence hall students are required to contract for meals at the University. Meal plans are purchased each term and allow the student full dining privileges for that term. Special diets prescribed by a physician are given consideration.

Contact information for University Housing is:

Residence Life and Housing
2290 Bonforte Boulevard
Pueblo, CO  81001
Phone: (719) 549-2602
Fax: (719) 549-2636

University Village at Walking Stick
(Student Apartment Housing)

University Village at Walking Stick is Colorado State University-Pueblo’s on-campus apartment community for students and offers a unique housing opportunity for sophomores, juniors, and seniors or for students 21 years of age or older.

The apartments offer high-speed Internet access in each bedroom and common area, as well as cable TV in each bedroom and common area. Each unit features individually controlled heating and air-conditioning. Each unit is two-stories. Two floor plans are available, each consisting of 4-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms. All utilities are included in the housing plan.

Academic year occupancy begins August 22nd and extends through May 6th. Students in the apartments are not required to purchase a meal plan.

The interior of each apartment offers a kitchen, dining and living room on the first floor and a study loft on the second floor. Each floor plan features four private locking bedrooms and a semi-private locking vanity and bathroom on each floor. Bedrooms range in size from 108 square feet to 124 square feet with large closets. This student community also features a spacious and inviting clubhouse, an outdoor basketball court, park benches, and restricted on-site parking. On-site laundry is provided in the clubhouse for all University Village at Walking Stick residents.

Application Information for University Village at Walking Stick

A $150  non-refundable application fee and a $100 non-refundable restoration fee must accompany each application. University Village at Walking Stick contracts are issued for entire academic year and do not require a meal plan.

Contact information for the University Village at Walking Stick is:

Residence Life and Housing
2200 Bonforte Blvd.
Pueblo, CO 81001
Phone: (719) 549-2602
Fax: (719) 549-2636

Housing for Students with Families

Although the University does not provide housing for students with families, the Pueblo community offers a variety of rental options including homes, condominiums, and apartments.

Student Recreation

Student Recreation Facility Services offer comprehensive and vibrant experiential opportunities that enhance students’ fitness and wellness, knowledge, personal skills, and enjoyment by providing:

  • Opportunities for a variety of activities that may contribute to individual physical fitness and wellness.
  • Opportunities for organized, cooperative, and competitive activity.
  • A medium through which students can learn and practice leadership, management, program planning, and interpersonal skills.
  • Access to quality facilities, equipment, and programs.

The Student Recreation Center (SRC) is a student-funded facility designed to serve the recreational needs of students at CSU-Pueblo. Built in August 2008, the building is approximately 43,000 square feet located adjacent and attached to the southern portion of the HPER Building.

The Student Recreation Center facilities:

  • Cardiovascular, strength, and conditioning areas
  • Group fitness and dance studio
  • Multi-court gymnasium with an elevated 1/12th mile running track
  • Four racquetball courts (one convertible squash court)
  • Swimming pool
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Functional Fitness Room
  • Locker rooms
  • Lounge (Wi-Fi access) with indoor & outdoor seating area
  • Health and wellness suite
  • Outdoor athletic track and artificial turf field
  • Outdoor Challenge (ropes) Course
  • Outdoor Pursuits Programs (equipment rental program & trips)

Student Recreation Services

Students are encouraged to regularly check the SRC website for updated information including: intramural events and deadlines, fitness schedules, pool schedules, and calendars for upcoming trips and events.

Intramural Sports and Club Sports

(719) 549-2087 or email

Intramural Sports provide the opportunity to compete in various organized, safe, and friendly sporting activities during the academic year. Our goal is for every participant to have fun and enjoy the campus community emphasizing recreation, health, wellness, teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, and social interaction.

Some of the activities offered include: flag football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, arena football, ultimate frisbee, indoor soccer, table tennis, and various video game tournaments.

Club sports are a group of student organizations established to promote and develop the interests and skills of its members in sport-related activities. The club sports program is student initiated, and the emphasis is placed on student participation. Participation in club sports is completely voluntary. Membership is open to all current students regardless of skill level. Club Sport teams practice, travel, and compete on behalf of CSU-Pueblo. Current offerings include: Bass Fishing, Baseball, Men’s Basketball, Climbing, Men’s Rugby, Rodeo, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Volleyball, Racquetball, and Squash.

Group Fitness

(719) 549-2085 or email

A variety of fitness classes are offered for participants wanting to get a great cardio workout, to burn some fat, and/or tone their bodies. Classes are open to participants of all fitness levels. Participants are encouraged to work at their own level. Classes are taught showing routine options to accommodate different audience skill levels (low, intermediate, and advanced). Walk-ins are always welcome!! You may join a class at any time and attend as often as you wish.

Classes are led by well-trained, friendly, and enthusiastic instructors who are either certified and/or have been through a rigorous training program focusing on proper technique, safety, and class format. Each instructor is allowed to teach with his/her own unique style, which enhances and adds variety to the program.

Equipment is provided for most classes, including steps and risers, Bosu balls, free weights, Body Bars, resistance bands and tubing, mats, yoga mats and blocks, jump ropes, and more!

Outdoor Pursuits

(719) 549-2091 or email

The Outdoor Pursuits Program offers a wide range of outdoor recreation and skill-building activities for students. Outdoor Pursuits core programs are:

Outdoor Programs/Trips

Professional and student staff members guide trips such as camping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, backcountry skiing/riding, snowshoeing, avalanche safety training, backpacking, peak climbing, and mountain biking.

Outdoor Pursuits can also provide maps, trip or route advice, reading material, and other resources to plan individual adventures.

Challenge Course/Team Development Programs

Challenge Course consists of a series of obstacles known as elements suspended from utility poles constructed with steel cables, ropes, and wood. The course offers a challenging environment (emotionally, mentally, and physically) designed to promote teamwork, cooperation, and group problem-solving skills, as well as develops individual self-confidence.

Programs are designed for a unique adventure based upon a group’s objectives. Programs vary in degrees of difficulty, depending upon each group’s specific needs and goals. Physical prowess is not necessary for participation; however, teamwork and cooperation are essential to help individuals discover the value of trust, shared responsibility, and mutual support. Trained facilitators provide positive support and encouragement as participants explore their individual and group abilities.

Rock Climbing Wall

The climbing wall at CSU-Pueblo located in Massari Arena has six top rope climbing routes and three sport lead routes. Classes range from an introductory session for the first timer to advanced anchor and rescue workshops. The wall is open during the day and evenings.

Equipment Rental

The Outdoor Pursuits Program provides CSU-Pueblo students with the opportunity to rent equipment for their own personal trips. Available by reservation for a modest term user fee, outdoor equipment includes:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Telemark skis, boots and backcountry gear
  • Snowshoes and poles
  • Tents
  • Backpacks
  • Camping equipment and cooking gear
  • Maps, guidebooks
  • Sleeping bags
  • Rock climbing shoes

Student Engagement and Leadership

The Office of Student Engagement and Leadership’s (SEAL) mission is to provide students with co-curricular learning and leadership development opportunities through activities, events, student organizations, fraternity and sorority life, and orientation which promote and enhance their student experience and provide them with a sense of belonging at CSU-Pueblo.

SEAL facilitates a comprehensive student engagement program intended to enrich the campus experience for University students. SEAL promotes opportunities for students to participate in student leadership experiences that result in broad organizational and involvement opportunities and enhance the overall educational experiences of students through development of, exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, multicultural, intellectual, recreational, and community service programs.

Throughout the academic year, SEAL promotes events that motivate, challenge, and encourage divergent thinking through activities and events for all CSU-Pueblo students. SEAL’s popular events include speakers, comedians, hypnotists, magicians, do-it-yourself activities, talent competitions, movie nights, and concerts.

SEAL facilitates a vibrant campus environment in which students and student organizations are offered opportunities to:

  • Participate in co-curricular out-of-class learning activities;
  • Enhance leadership abilities;
  • Widen healthy interpersonal relationships;
  • Get involved in various productive ways;
  • Explore activities in individual and group settings for self-understanding and growth;
  • Learn about varied cultures and experiences, ideas and issues, and art and musical forms;
  • Design and implement programs to enhance social, diversity, and academic opportunities;
  • Design and implement programs that provide intellectual, recreational, community service, and campus involvement opportunities;
  • Enable group interests and encourage group activities; and
  • Learn about, and use campus facilities and other resources.

SEAL is located in OSC 102. Please visit the Student Activities website to view all events: Contact (719) 549-2151 for more information or to learn how you can get involved with campus life or join the SEAL team.

Commuter Student Lounge

The Commuter Student Lounge is an informal social and educational environment for non-traditional and commuter students, where they can become aware of the services and programs of the University and local community. The Center is a getaway space for students to study quietly before and after their classes. The Center is located on the second floor of the LARC, room 277.

Commuter Student Program

The Commuter Student Program provides engagement opportunities for CSU-Pueblo students that live off campus to promote a sense of community and belonging and to contribute to the students’ social and academic integration at CSU-Pueblo.

The Commuter Student Advisory Board, part of the Commuter Student Program, is a student group that provides guidance to the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership on what types of programming and services that students who live off campus would like to see. To apply to be a part of the Commuter Student Advisory Board, complete the application on Packlink:

Associated Students’ Government

The Associated Students’ Government (ASG) is the students’ governing body and promotes student affairs and the general welfare of the student body. It also addresses student concerns and/or complaints regarding any campus issue. ASG works to be the voice of students and to make students aware of administrative decisions on campus by having Senators as representatives on most of the boards and committees on campus.

ASG functions through three branches of government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. The Legislative branch, the ASG Senate, is composed of 14 senators elected from the student body. It is presided over by the Vice President. The Executive branch consists of the President and the Vice President. The Judicial branch is composed of up to five justices, one of whom is designated the chief justice. The senate meets weekly. Contact (719) 549-2151 for more information.

ThunderWolf Welcome New Student Orientation

New student orientation is the beginning of an ongoing process of introduction to the curricular and co-curricular opportunities available to students at CSU-Pueblo. The purpose of orientation is to facilitate the transition of new and transfer students into the CSU-Pueblo community, prepare students for the institution’s educational opportunities and student responsibilities, and provide information to parents and families of new students as they support their students’ educational endeavors.

During orientation students will:

  1. learn about the academic requirements and expectations at the University;
  2. meet other new students, experienced students, University faculty, and University staff;
  3. attend a variety of sessions on co-curricular activities and getting involved on campus; and
  4. become familiar with the CSU-Pueblo campus and community.

Specific orientation requirements are posted on the website:

Student Leadership

Leadership programs at CSU-Pueblo strive to help plan and organize comprehensive leadership development programs that are designed to enhance the total learning experience for our students. Leadership Programs evaluate student needs and implements programs and activities that facilitate the learning, growth, and development of students and fosters leadership, civic engagement, and sense of community. Through leadership education, service learning and advocacy, students will become active citizens on campus, in their respective communities, and in the workplace. The Student Leadership Program is comprised of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), the Student Leadership Experience, and other Leadership Workshops held throughout the academic year.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

The Office of Student Engagement and Leadership is committed to enhancing Fraternity and Sorority Life and Fraternity and Sorority affiliated students to build a Greek community where students can have a positive collegiate experience. SEAL believes that the leadership opportunities provided by membership in fraternal organizations are endless and will be an outstanding part of a student’s life during their undergraduate career. Fraternity and Sorority Life builds an inclusive Greek community and enhances the collegiate experience by supporting opportunities for siblinghood, leadership, service, and scholarship; and to serve as liaison among the collegiate chapters, parents, alumni, international organizations, and the University to provide organizational guidance, educational programs, and resources while challenging members to live their fraternal values. Each organization also has representation on Fraternity and Sorority Council.

CSU-Pueblo is proud to be the home of five national social Greek letter organizations:

  1. Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority - Zeta Pi Chapter,
  2. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. – Tau Tau Chapter,
  3. Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. – Alpha Omicron Chapter,
  4. Alpha Psi Lambda - CSUP Colony and
  5. Lambda Chi Alpha – Delta Omega Chapter.

Contact (719) 549-2225 for more information or to learn how you can get involved with a Greek-Letter Organization.

Major Events Series

Colorado State University-Pueblo hosts a series of major events each academic year. The series is an opportunity to learn from scholars, politicians, business people, and philanthropists who can inspire students and community members to think critically about current issues, trends, events, knowledge, diversity, and leadership. The series also features cultural events; including dance productions, major concerts, and comedy shows. The major events series is open to the public. Events are co-sponsored by the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership, the Student Fee Governing Board, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and other entities around campus.

For more information, visit: or contact the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership at (719) 549-2687.

Student Organizations

CSU-Pueblo students have opportunities to take part in the activities of a number of student organizations. Students can search for student organizations and join them virtually through Students interested in starting a new recognized student organization must first find a faculty or staff member willing to advise the organization, four other CSU-Pueblo students to serve as offices interested in the same group, and develop a student organization mission statement and constitution. All students then must meet with the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership to complete the process. For information, please contact the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership at (719) 549-2151.

For a current list of student organizations, please visit the Student Organization website:

Academic Organizations

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Art Club
  • Associated General Contractors
  • Association of Computing Machinery
  • Athletic Training Club
  • Automotive Booster Club Jr. B3
  • Chemistry Club
  • CSU-Pueblo Forensics Team
  • CSU-Pueblo Health and Wellness Club
  • Enactus
  • English Club
  • Honors Club
  • HSB Accounting Club
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Institute of Industrial Engineering
  • Math and Physics Club
  • Medical Science Society
  • National Association of Music Education
  • Physical Educators Club
  • Political Science Club
  • Pre-Vet Club
  • Society of Mexican-American Engineers & Scientists
  • Southern Colorado Association of Nursing Students
  • Student Social Work Association
  • Tempered Steel Literary Magazine
  • Tri Beta Biology Club

Campus-Life Organizations

  • Campus Activities Board (CAB)
  • Residence Hall Association
  • Winterguard

Cultural Organizations

  • Black Student Union
  • CSU-Pueblo Ballet Folklorico
  • Latino Students’ Union
  • PRIZM: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Ally Alliance

Greek Letter Organizations

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha
  • Alpha Psi Lambda
  • Alpha Sigma Alpha
  • Fraternity and Sorority Council
  • Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Lambda Theta Nu

Honor Societies

  • Golden Key Honor Society
  • Phi Alpha Theta
  • Phi Alpha Zeta Delta
  • Sigma Alpha Pi (National Society of Leadership and Success)

Specific Interest Organizations

  • Anime Club
  • Army (ROTC)
  • Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Residence Hall Association
  • Student Veterans of America

Services, Support, and Student Development Programs

Career Center

The Colorado State University-Pueblo Career Center offers employment services and opportunities for students and alumni that will assist in developing a career objective, obtaining relevant work experience, and learning the skills necessary to conduct a self-directed job search.

The Career Center assists students with professional employment, internships, career planning and career coaching. This includes but not limited to: Résumé and Cover Letter development, interviewing skills, how to search and apply for internships, and strategies on how to conduct a self-directed job search.

The Career Center coordinates all on-campus recruiting with employers and coordinates the annual Dining Etiquette Training and the Spring Career Fair.

All off-campus employment, full, part-time, seasonal, and internship opportunities are posted on Handshake, via the Career Center webpage on a regular basis. Resources information such as Salary Surveys, How to Search for a Job, Dining Etiquette, and a variety of reference materials are also available in the Center.

The Career Center is located on the main floor of the University Library and Academic Resource Center (LARC), suite 187. For further information about programs and services offered by the Career Center, contact a staff member at (719) 549-2980 or visit our website at

Disability Resource & Support Center

The Disability Resource & Support Center ensures the provision of reasonable academic accommodations and support, designed to enhance academic effectiveness and promote independence in students with disabilities. Students with disabilities seeking adjustments for courses or University programs must meet with the Disability Resource & Support to request services.

The Disability Resource & Support Center is located in the Library and Academic Resources Center (LARC) Suite 169. Appointments can be made by telephone (719-549-2648), online, or in person.

Student Counseling Center

The mission of the Counseling Center is to provide a professional and confidential setting that meets the psychological, emotional and developmental needs of students as they pursue their academic goals.


All visits to the counseling center are kept confidential within the limitations mandated by state and federal law.  If you have questions, please be sure to discuss the limitations with your counselor.


Students are allowed eight free visits with a counselor per semester.  After this time there will be a $10.00 fee per session.  If a student misses an appointment without advanced notice, there will be a $10.00 no show fee added to the students’ account.

There is never a charge for crisis management or intervention. Any crisis situation is immediately evaluated and addressed without charge to the student.

The Counseling Center is located 4320 Walking Stick Blvd, bottom floor of Culebra Resident Hall.  Entry is through the back door off the parking lot on Walking Stick Blvd. Appointments can be made by telephone or in person.

Phone: (719)-549-2838.

Health Education and Promotion (HEP) Program

Our mission is to provide prevention education, healthy living, and learning opportunities in order to sustain a wellness-focused environment that further develops academics and success for students of Colorado State University-Pueblo. The Health Education and Promotion (HEP) Program works with individual students, small groups and the campus/community to provide individually tailored, evidence-based prevention education and behavioral interventions.

Individual students can receive a free assessment, access to free educational/behavioral interventions, and referral to additional options on and off campus. Some students may be mandated to complete an assessment and educational intervention track as a result of violating the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy. To schedule an appointment with the Coordinator of Health Education and Promotion (HEP) Program, call (719) 549-2121.

Group presentations are available for student clubs, organizations, residence hall communities, fraternities, sororities, classrooms, and other workgroups.

Health Education and Promotion Program

Phone: (719) 549-2121

Drug Free Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA)

CSU-Pueblo maintains compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act regulations. The unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs is prohibited. Students, faculty, or staff found in violation of campus policies will face disciplinary sanctions. For more information about the legal sanctions under federal, state, or local law; information about the health risks associated with the use of alcohol or other drugs; or for information about counseling, treatment, rehabilitation, or re-entry programs, visit:

Sex/Gender Based Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy Statement

All members of the University community, and their guests, have the right to be free from discrimination, protected class harassment, sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment) and sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking. Furthermore, all members of the University community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others. The University maintains a policy of zero tolerance for sexual misconduct and sex/gender based discrimination, regardless of the sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression of the involved individuals. When sexual misconduct or sex/gender based discrimination is reported the University, the University will take the appropriate actions to stop the behavior, prevent its recurrence, and remedy the behavior’s effects.

The University is committed to complying with all requirements as set forth by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”). As such, discrimination on the basis of sex or gender will not be tolerated in any of the University’s education programs or activities, or the working environment. Such discrimination includes, but is not limited to: sexual misconduct (sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, non-consensual sexual contact, and non-consensual sexual intercourse); intimate partner violence (dating violence and domestic violence); stalking; and failing to provide equal opportunity in admissions, program/activities, athletics, or employment.

All allegations of, or concerns regarding, potential sexual misconduct or sex/gender based discrimination are referred to the University’s Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for identifying and addressing any patterns or systematic concerns related to sex/gender based discrimination or sexual misconduct.

Questions or concerns regarding sex/gender based discrimination, sexual misconduct, or the University’s procedures may be directed to one or more of the following resources:

For concerns relating to faculty, staff, students, contractors, guests, or visitors:

Joshua R. Ernst
Director, Office of Institutional Equity
Administration Building, Suite 304
(719) 549-2210

For concerns relating to equal opportunity in intercollegiate athletics:

Jacklin Wallgren
Associate Athletic Director for Compliance, Department of Athletics
Massari Arena, Room PE 208
(719) 549-2021

Please visit for additional information.

Student Health Services

The mission of Student Health Services is to provide acute and preventative care and promote wellness, to encourage academic success and leadership of the student population.

There is no charge for an appointment to see a Nurse Practitioner or Nurse. Students, however, incur charges for laboratory tests, physical or specialty exams performed, or for medication dispensed from the on-site pharmacy. Forms of payment include credit cards, check, or cash.

Students are encouraged to visit the health clinic whenever necessary. The licensed professional staff of Student Health Services consists of nurse practitioners. Patients are seen by appointment. Walk-ins are welcome and will be seen at the first available time.

All immunization records must be turned in to the Student Health Services clinic within the first fourteen days of the semester.  Colorado Statute requires proof of two MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccinations for all students attending school in Colorado.  Proof of immunizations may be taken to the Student Health Services clinic, 4320 Walking Stick Blvd, Culebra Hall 109B (entry is through the back door off the parking lot on Walking Stick Blvd), emailed or faxed.  Students who have not provided proof of immunizations will be unable to register for classes the following semester until proof of immunizations is received and entered into the system.

Office: (719) 549-2830
Fax: (719) 549-2646

Office of Student Conduct

Colorado State University-Pueblo strives to achieve a campus community in which individuals demonstrate respect for others, for themselves, and for the University; uphold high standards of personal and academic integrity; are accepting of differences and gain an appreciation for living in a pluralistic society; understand the impact of their behavior both upon the University and the larger community; and freely accept the responsibility for and the consequences of their conduct.

Student Code of Conduct

Colorado State University-Pueblo students are expected to become familiar with the Student Code of Conduct and the student conduct process. The most recent version of the Student Code of Conduct and details of the disciplinary processes and procedures may be accessed via the University’s website at:

You may contact the Director of Student Conduct, Nicole Ferguson, if you have any questions or concerns or need to report an incident involving students online: or at (719) 549-2586/2092.

Trio Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)

EOC is a federally funded TRIO grant program, sponsored by CSU-Pueblo that assists first-generation and low-income individuals in gaining access to higher education. The program provides services to CSU-Pueblo students as well as high school students and adults in twelve southern Colorado counties and one northern New Mexico county. EOC services are especially beneficial to individuals who seek extra assistance in navigating the procedures related to financial aid and admissions. All services are provided free of charge.

Services include:

  • Information about college and career opportunities.
  • Assistance in completing admissions and financial aid applications.
  • Referrals to GED and college preparation programs.
  • Information about scholarship opportunities.
  • College application and testing fee waivers.

For services on the CSU-Pueblo campus, students and community members can call (719) 549-2457. The central office is located on the CSU-Pueblo campus, Room 365 in the Library and Academic Resource Center (LARC). Satellite offices are located at Fort Carson’s Education Center and on community college campuses in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Lamar, La Junta, and Trinidad. To access services or for more information, call (719) 549-2457 or toll free (877) 302-4433 or visit our website:

College Assistance Migrant Programs (CAMP)

The purpose of the Federally-funded College Assistance Migrant Programs (CAMP) is to provide academic and financial support to assist students with migrant and seasonal farm work backgrounds in entering college and being successful. The CAMP program at CSU-Pueblo is in partnership with Kansas State University.


  • Academic advising
  • Scholarship to assist with tuition, fees, housing, and other expenses
  • Tutoring and college skills development
  • Career exploration
  • Mentoring, emotional and social support


  • Have been employed or parents have been employed in migrant or seasonal farm work for at least 75 days in the past 24 months
  • Have high school diploma or GED
  • Have not entered college or have earned less than 30 credit hours
  • U.S. Citizen or permanent resident
  • Enrolled or admitted for enrollment at CSU-Pueblo

For more information about the CAMP program, call (719) 549-2402 or stop by the office in the Library and Academic Resource Center (LARC), Room 383.

Trio Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded TRIO grant project providing an array of services to low-income, first-generation students and students with disabilities. The purpose of TRIO SSS is to increase the retention and graduation rate of participants. This is accomplished by providing supportive services such as:

  • Academic action planning.
  • Peer tutoring (one-on-one, group, and drop-in).
  • Academic, career, financial literacy, and graduate school counseling.
  • Financial Aid advisement.
  • College Success Course.
  • Academic success seminars.
  • Educational resource center and study room.

To be eligible to receive services from the TRIO SSS Project, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment at CSU-Pueblo as an undergraduate student,
  • Be a low-income student, and/or
  • Be a first-generation student, and/or
  • Be a student with a documented disability,
  • Meet the academic criteria as established by the TRIO SSS Project, and
  • Be a citizen, national, or permanent resident of the U.S.

Students who meet these criteria are encouraged to apply. For more information, please stop by the office located in the Library and Academic Resource Center (LARC), Room 357 or call us at (719) 549-2111. Additional information can be located on the SSS website:

Trio Upward Bound

Upward Bound is a federally funded TRIO grant program sponsored by CSU-Pueblo. The program mission is to provide low-income and first generation students the pre-collegiate experiences and services (academic, social, and cultural) necessary to matriculation into higher education and successful completion of an Associates or Bachelors Degree. Upward Bound services students at County, Centennial, Central, and East high schools in Pueblo.

Services include:

  • Academic year tutoring on a weekly basis at area target schools
  • Six-week Summer Pre-college Academy at CSU-Pueblo
  • Summer Bridge (transition to college) Program at CSU-Pueblo
  • Service learning and leadership development
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Continued Alumni outreach and support services

The main office is located on the CSU-Pueblo campus, Room 376 on the 3rd floor of the Library and Academic Resource Center (LARC). To access services or for more information, call (719) 549-2750 or visit our website:

Trio Educational Talent Search

Educational Talent Search is a federally funded TRIO grant program sponsored by CSU-Pueblo.

The program identifies and assists middle school and high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the potential to succeed in higher education. The program provides academic, career, and financial counseling to its participants and encourages them to graduate from high school and continue on to and complete their postsecondary education. Educational Talent Search services are available to students attending Pueblo Academy of Arts, Roncalli Middle School, Risley Middle School, Central High School, East High School, and South High School.

Services include:

  • Academic Advising
  • Mentoring Program
  • Academic Skills Workshops
  • Financial Literacy
  • Career Exploration Activities
  • College Access Programming and Support
  • Fieldtrips and Campus tours

The main office is located on the CSU-Pueblo campus.  Applications are accepted year round.  For more information, please contact the Educational Talent Search Office at 719-549-2592 or visit our website at

Trio Veterans Upward Bound

Veterans Upward Bound is a U.S. Department of Education TRIO Grant program which provides academic refresher assistance, training and advising to low income and/or first generation honorably discharged veterans who are pursuing a GED certificate and/or are preparing to enter post-secondary education. Non-credit academic instruction is available in the subject areas of English, mathematics, science, careers, computer literacy, and Spanish.

This program is an opportunity for veterans to re-establish fundamental ideas and study habits, which are prerequisites for successful performance at the post-secondary educational level. Additionally, Veterans Upward Bound provides access to academic resources, employment referrals, assistance with VA benefits applications, and referrals to various community assistance organizations.

Colorado State University-Pueblo is the host university offering a full computer lab with free printing, free coffee, a refrigerator and a variety of resources for veterans. Classes and services are also offered at Pikes Peak Community College and Pueblo Community College campuses. The program, all classes and materials are FREE for those who qualify.

The Veterans Upward Bound Staff can assist veterans in several areas, including:

  • Academic Skills Refresher Training
  • GED Preparation
  • College Entrance Assistance
  • Admissions
  • Financial Aid Applications
  • VA Educational Benefits
  • Academic Advising
  • Career Guidance

Classes are offered at various times. Please contact the program for the current schedule.

Please call to get complete information on how Veterans Upward Bound can benefit you or visit our website:

VUB Contact Information:

  • Colorado State University-Pueblo
    2200 Bonforte Blvd,
    Library and Academic Resource Center (LARC), Room 374
    Pueblo, Colorado 81001-4901
    Phone: (719) 549-2824; (719) 549-2875
  • Pueblo Community College
    Phone: (719) 549-3077
  • Pikes Peak Community College
    Phone: (719) 502-4020