Student Counseling Center

The Wolfpack Counseling Center is committed to providing a professional and confidential setting that meets the psychological, emotional, and developmental needs of students as they pursue their academic goals. We strive to promote culturally responsive services to assist in the student’s growth and understanding of themselves to help maximize emotional wellness.

Services Offered

The Wolfpack Student Counseling Center offers traditional talk therapy as well as Acudetox, acupressure seeds, and medication management.


All visits to the Wolfpack Counseling Center are kept confidential within the limitations mandated by state and federal law. If you have questions, please be sure to discuss the limitations with your counselor.


Students have 8 visits with a counselor per semester, which is paid for by student fees. Visits with the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner are NOT included in the 8 visits and are based on the needs of the students to manage medication. If a student exceeds the 8 visits within the semester, there will be a charge of $10.00 per session. If a student misses an appointment without advanced notice, there will be a $10.00 no-show fee added to the students’ account.

There is never a charge for crisis management or intervention. Any crisis situation is immediately evaluated and addressed without charge to the student.

The Wolfpack Counseling Center is located in the Center for Integrated Health and Human Inquiry, room 174. 

Phone: (719) 549-2838.