Disability Resource & Support Center

The Disability Resource & Support Center assists in arranging reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Such accommodations include adjustments to course policies, modification of testing procedures, and the provision of accessible course materials. Students with disabilities may also make requests for reasonable accommodations for non-academic services and opportunities, such as student housing and events. 

Students must meet with the DRSC staff to discuss disability needs, complete an application for services, and provide documentation of a disability. Through an interactive process with the student, the DRSC determines what accommodations will be approved and will notify students' instructors as directed by the student. More information about the process can be found on the DRSC website.

Information about students' disabilities is kept confidential per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Students with documented disabilities should contact the DRSC in person in OSC 201, by phone at (719) 549-2648, or by email at csup_dro@csupueblo.edu.