Student Affairs Assessment

The purpose of assessment in Student Affairs is to evaluate our activities, programs, facilities and services based on our goals and learning outcomes.  Assessment data is collected in the form of attendance tracking, surveys, focus groups, and more.  Through evaluation of assessment data, the division will work to make continuous improvements within the division to ensure our learning outcomes are being met with the goal of optimizing student success.

Mission Statement for the Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs supports the University’s mission by providing inclusive co-curricular learning experiences, support, and services for our diverse student population by holistically developing students to have purpose and a positive impact in their communities.


  1. Support students’ holistic learning and development.
  2. Promote students’ sense of belonging.
  3. Use assessment to inform practice and make improvements.
  4. Develop student and professional staff professional competences to respond to changing needs of our diverse student population.

Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) Student Learning Domain

CAS Standards promote quality assurance, student learning, and professional integrity.  The Student Learning Domains are incorporated into assessment practices in the Division of Student Affairs.

  1. Knowledge Acquisition
  2. Cognitive Complexity 
  3. Intrapersonal Development
  4. Interpersonal Competency
  5. Humanitarianism and Civic Engagement
  6. Practical Competence

Student Affairs’ Learning Outcomes

Students participating in Student Affairs activities, programs, facilities and services will:

  1. Attain leadership skills that support their academic and personal development.
  2. Attain and apply knowledge that will support their persistence through graduation.
  3. Develop resilience and healthy life skills.
  4. Recognize and appreciate differences within their own communities and of communities unlike their own. 

Assessment Cycle

Learning outcomes will be assessed on a four year cycle using both qualitative and qualitative methodologies.  Assessment results will be used to identify student needs and inform initiatives to promote student success.

For questions regarding assessment, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 719-549-2586.