Non-Degree Students

Students may enroll at Colorado State University Pueblo as a non-degree seeking student in one of the following categories:

Guest Student – No Credit

Guest student (no credit) category is reserved for applicants who wish to enroll in courses without degree-seeking status.   A guest (no credit) student may carry up to 6 hours per term. A guest (no credit) student is INELIGIBLE for financial aid. In place of a grade for each course, students receive the symbol NC (no credit) on their transcripts.

Guest (Non-Degree) Student – For Credit

Guest (for credit) student category is reserved for applicants who wish to enroll in courses without degree-seeking status. Applicants who wish to register as a guest (for credit) student must complete a short application with the Office of Admissions for each term that they wish to enroll (students completing approved collaboration programs may only be required to submit the application once). Guest (for credit) students are NOT REQUIRED to submit official transcripts, test scores or an application fee. Tuition and fees are based on the number of credits for which the student registers. A guest (for credit) student is INELIGIBLE to receive financial aid. A guest (for credit) student may carry up to 15 hours per semester and may earn a maximum of 30 semester hours while maintaining non-degree status. A guest (for credit) student must maintain a 2.000 cumulative grade-point average. A guest (for credit) student who wishes to exceed the 30-semester hour maximum must formally apply for admission. A Guest (for credit) Student who wishes to enroll in graduate-level courses (500+), see Graduate Status section in Graduate Studies Admissions Policies. 

Guest (Non-Degree) Student – For Credit (High School University Program)

Under Colorado’s Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT Programs, high school students may register for classes at the University based on the availability of existing Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT agreements. Information on these programs is available in the CSU Pueblo Office of Extended Studies and at participating high schools.

The University also offers a Senior-to-Sophomore (STS) program by agreement with various high school districts. High school students in this program are afforded the opportunity to study in university-level courses while remaining in their high school classrooms and are considered unclassified students by the University. Students must submit an application for admission, a transcript of their high school record. ACT or SAT scores are optional. Those STS students who are in their senior year are given consideration for admission as regular first-time students for the fall semester following their high school graduation. Students interested in this program are encouraged to seek information from their high school guidance counselor or from the Office of Extended Studies at 719-549-2316.

Guest Student – No Credit (English Language Institute)

The English Language Institute (ELI) is an intensive English program offered at CSU Pueblo.  ELI applicants apply as an undergraduate non-degree student.  For more information on the ELI program, contact ****. 

Guest (Non-Degree) Student – For Credit (National Student Exchange)

National Student Exchange students apply as a Non-Degree National Student Exchange Program students.  Applicants interested in applying for National Student Exchange must first arrange acceptance into this program with the NSE coordinator in the Center for International Programs & Inclusive Excellence at 719-549-2329.

Senior Citizens

Persons 55 or 65 Differs from website years of age or older may audit courses on a space-available, non-degree student basis without paying tuition. Permission of the instructor is required. A grade of AU (no credit) will be posted.

Guest and senior citizen non-degree students are able to enroll in classes no earlier than one week before classes start.