Assessment of Student Learning

Colorado State University Pueblo is committed to providing quality education and to assuring students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful after they graduate. Assessment of student learning in general education, undergraduate majors and minors, certificates, and graduate programs is central to our on-going improvement efforts.

Students will periodically participate in assessment by submitting examples of their course work, participating in focus groups, completing questionnaires, and sitting for standardized exams. Faculty and staff use assessment results to determine the extent to which students demonstrate competency in their field of study, and to improve courses and curricula, teaching practices, and other activities.

The assessment process for all academic programs contains the following common elements:

  1. Student learning outcomes for undergraduate major and stand-alone minor programs, certificates, and graduate programs are set by faculty and communicated widely;
  2. Student learning outcomes are evaluated by faculty using generally accepted best practices in assessment;
  3. Faculty and others use assessment information to improve programs as appropriate; and
  4. Information about assessment is reported to stakeholders, including the Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System, the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, professional accreditors, and the Higher Learning Commission.

In recognition of the evolutionary nature of accountability and assessment processes, the University acknowledges that they may change at any time. The University will make reasonable efforts to inform students and other stakeholders of modifications.

The University and its departments also conduct satisfaction and other types of surveys before and after students graduate. Students and alumni are strongly encouraged to respond to these surveys so that the information may be used to improve our campus.