Teacher Education Program

In collaboration with the Teacher Education Department, Extended Studies offers graduate-level coursework for degree- and non-degree-seeking educators interested in professional development, recertification, and/or graduate degrees. This program partners with education organizations external to the University who offer graduate credit in curriculum and instruction, as well as a variety of disciplines. The credits are transcribed as ED 500 or ED 501. ED 500 is titled "Workshop" and is transcribed S/U for those courses that are designed as professional development and recertification. ED 501 is titled "Graduate Topics in Education" and is transcribed using A-F letter grades. ED 501 courses are eligible to count towards graduate credit/degrees, professional development, and/or recertification. All curricula and faculty are supervised by the Teacher Education Department.  For more information about how this program connects with graduate degrees at CSU Pueblo, please see the Master of Education (M.Ed.) section of this catalog.