High School Programs

Extended Studies also administers programs in partnership with high schools throughout Colorado.  The Dual Enrollment Senior-to-Sophomore (STS) program enrolls eligible high school students in dual credit courses which are delivered by highly qualified teachers on the high school campus. The Concurrent Enrollment program enrolls eligible Colorado high school students in college credit courses in accordance with Colorado Concurrent Enrollment legislation. These courses may be offered on or off campus. Students can participate in both programs simultaneously where eligible. Students enrolled in High School Programs are not eligible for Financial Aid; however, some students may receive financial assistance from their home high school or other external funding sources.

The University offers the STS program by agreement with various high school districts. High school students in this program are afforded the opportunity to study in university-level courses while remaining in their high school classrooms and are considered unclassified students by the University. Students must submit an application for admission, transcript from their high school record and ACT/SAT or other placement scores. STS students who are in their senior year are given consideration for admission as regular first-time students for the fall semester following their high school graduation. Students interested in this program are encouraged to seek information from their high school guidance counselor or from the University’s Division of Extended Studies.

Under Colorado’s Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT programs, high school students may register for classes at the University based on the availability of existing Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT agreements. Information on these programs is available in the CSU Pueblo Division of Extended Studies and at participating high schools.