Center for Teaching & Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) courses offer students and faculty the opportunity to engage in topics that are at the forefront of our diverse faculty's research interests. Conducted in a seminar-style setting, instructors will provide an overview of the subject and present their scholarly work and related research innovations. Seminarians will be able to not only learn about the topic; they will be encouraged to engage with each other and with the instructor. CTL courses encourage a multidisciplinary examination of issues and topics by community members, faculty, and students from across the university. The goals of CTL courses are to focus the many intellectual perspectives and resources of CSU Pueblo on the study of important topics and to enact a sense of common purpose across the diverse communities at CSU Pueblo. These classes are offered to all students: undergraduate, graduate, and professional. Community members may audit these courses for a lowered tuition cost and a certificate of completion; faculty and staff are invited to apply to audit these courses, as room is available, at no cost as ongoing efforts to support professional development utilizing resources readily available on our campus.