Post-Traditional/Commuter Student Programs

Commuter Student Program

The Commuter Student Program provides engagement opportunities for CSU Pueblo students that live off campus to promote a sense of community and belonging and to contribute to the students’ social and academic integration at CSU Pueblo.

The Commuter Student Advisory Board, part of the Commuter Student Program, is a student group that provides guidance to the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership on what types of programming and services that students who live off campus would like to see. To apply to be a part of the Commuter Student Advisory Board, complete the application on Packlink:

Commuter Student Lounge

The Commuter Student Lounge is an informal social and educational environment for non-traditional and commuter students, where they can become aware of the services and programs of the University and local community. The Center is a getaway space for students to study quietly before and after their classes. The Center is located on the second floor of the OSC.