Qualified Individuals

Parent Petitioners

Parents who have moved to Colorado and meet the domicile requirements may submit a Petition for In-State Tuition Classification which supports their domicile. If their petition is approved, their dependents are eligible for Colorado residency for tuition purposes.

Non-Dependent Students

A student is a qualified individual and eligible to establish domicile separate from his or her parents if, at the beginning of the 12-month domicile year, the student was:

  • At least 22 years old, or
  • Married, or
  • Emancipated, or
  • A graduate student

An emancipated minor is an individual under 23 years of age who is no longer considered a dependent and is not supported by his or her parent(s) or any other individual. An emancipated minor can begin establishing their domicile on the date he or she becomes emancipated.

Emancipation must be proven in the following way:

  • Parents or other individuals must no longer provide financial support of any nature for any purpose. Parental support includes funds parents may have previously set aside for current support even if those funds are in the student’s name.
  • Parents must no longer claim the minor on their federal and state income tax returns.
  • If the minor takes out a loan, he or she must do so without a parent co-signer. In addition, the loan must not be the student’s major source of support.
  • The minor must document that he or she is independently able to meet all financial obligations without any financial help from any other individual.

Examples of financial obligations may include:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Rent and food
  • Cable and cell phone statements
  • Medical expenses, including health insurance
  • Vehicle expenses, including auto insurance

If a student is granted Colorado residency as an emancipated minor, he or she must continue to independently meet all financial obligations, including the cost of education, without financial assistance from parents or any other individual.