Piano Pedagogy, Minor

Minors in Music

Music majors completing minors in Music Technology, Composition/Theory, Jazz Studies, or Organ Performance must complete a minimum of 18 hours beyond required courses of the BA-Music (General Emphasis) degree, to include required hours in the minor and any electives beyond major and minor degree requirements. These hours fulfill the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) graduation requirements that 18 hours must be taken in a minor or in courses outside the major discipline.

Specific Requirements for Minor in Piano Pedagogy

Course Title Credits
Required Core Courses
MUS 346Piano Literature2
MUS 347Piano Pedagogy2
MUS 426Advanced Piano Pedagogy2
ED 210Human Growth and Development for Educators3
or PSYCH 151 Human Development
MGMT 414Entrepreneurship 13
MUS 427Piano Pedagogy Practicum (2-2-2)6
Total Credits18