Spanish, Minor

Student Learning Outcomes for Minors in Spanish and Italian

Students minoring in Italian and Spanish will be required to demonstrate a level of proficiency sufficient to converse comfortably on everyday topics, to attain intermediate levels of proficiency in writing and reading the target language, and to understand and appreciate the target language cultures.

Outcomes Assessment Activities

Assessment of the world languages program is the responsibility of the World Languages Program Assessment Committee, consisting of the Program Director for World Languages and three other faculty members. The committee’s annual reports evaluating the program and proposing any needed changes are compiled from the following information:

  • A central file of course syllabi with representative assignments is maintained by the department for inspection by the committee and other qualified persons.
  • Faculty advisers monitor each student’s progress towards completing major requirements and meeting the program goals listed in the catalog. Advisers report any problems or deficiencies in the program encountered by the students to the program assessment committee through the associate chair.
  • All Spanish majors produce a senior assessment portfolio emphasizing professional standards and sharpening the proficiency skills students have acquired in their Spanish courses. Students work in conjunction with an adviser to complete the project and submit it to the Program Assessment Committee for review.
  • Oral and written exit exams evaluate proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing as well as understanding of Hispanic culture.
  • The Program Assessment Committee reviews the senior portfolios and the results of the exit exam on an annual basis and prepares an analysis of what is revealed about the program’s success.
  • The Program Assessment Committee administers a student-satisfaction questionnaire to all senior world languages majors and minors each year. A similar questionnaire is sent to recent graduates on a periodic basis.
  • The Program Assessment Committee monitors the world languages curricula at leading comparable institutions and apprises the department of innovations worthy of consideration.

Specific Requirements for the Spanish Minor

Course Title Credits
SPN 101Beginning Spanish I3
SPN 102Beginning Spanish II3
SPN 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SPN 202Intermediate Spanish II3
SPN 203Intermediate Proficiency Building3
SPN 301Spanish Grammar in Context3
SPN 303Spanish Phonetics and Phonology3
or SPN 309 Intro to Hispanic Linguistics
Select one other 300- or 400-level SPN course3
Total Credits24