Creative Writing, Minor

The Creative Writing Minor is designed for students interested in pursuing an MFA in creative writing or students who wish to continue their creative activity after graduation. Since MFA degrees specialize in poetry, playwriting, creative nonfiction, or fiction, students will complete 21 credits of coursework concentrating on one genre while also establishing knowledge of the creative writing workshop, the drafting/revision process, and the business of writing.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate a working vocabulary for critical analysis through theoretical venues as well as in-depth study of terminology and form within creative works to develop strong critiquing skills in the workshop environment.
  • Students will produce writing competitive at a publishable level, which reflects an understanding of the creative writing genres, the business of writing, and the drafting and revision process for individual and collections of works.

Outcome Assessment Activities

The Coordinator of the Creative Writing minor reviews student portfolios to evaluate student performance levels in conjunction with Program Goals, tracks student placement in graduate programs, and records student and former student publications, reporting the result annually.

Specific Requirements for the Creative Writing Minor

Course Title Credits
Required Core Courses
ENG 114Introduction to Creative Writing (to be taken at the start of the minor)3
ENG 201Introduction to Literary Study3
or ENG 310 Advanced Literary Forms & Genres
ENG 414Advanced Writing Workshop (to be taken at the end of the minor)3
Select one of the following pairs:6
and Creative Writing: Poetry
and Creative Writing: Fiction
and Creative Nonfiction
and Creative Writing: Drama
Elective Courses
Select six credits of the following list (if not used above)6
Total Credits21


Course Title Credits
CS/ENG 220Survey of Chicano Literature3
ENG 240Survey of Ethnic Literature3
ENG/WS 241Women In Literature3
ENG 310Advanced Literary Forms & Genres3
ENG 315Creative Writing: Poetry3
ENG 316Creative Writing: Fiction3
ENG 317Creative Nonfiction3
ENG 318Creative Writing: Drama3
ENG 319Professional Editing3
ENG 325Nature Writing in the West3
ENG 326Writing for the WEB3
ENG 345Intercultural Communication3
ENG 352English Syntax and Usage3
ENG 452History of the English Language3
ENG 485Literary Criticism and Theory3
ENG 491Special Topics (with adviser’s approval)1-3
CS/WS 341Chicana Writers3
MCCNM 233Script Writing3