Colorado State University-Pueblo welcomes applications from all persons interested in post-secondary education. The Office of Admissions is located in the Administration building. All correspondence concerning admission should be addressed to the Office of Admissions, Colorado State University-Pueblo, 2200 Bonforte Boulevard, Pueblo, CO 81001-4901 or by email to

The Visitor Center, located in the Buell Communications Center at the entrance of campus, provides services specifically for new first-year and transfer students, including campus tours and information about the admissions process. Campus tours are available Monday thru Friday, and reservations can be made online at: or by contacting the Visitor Center at (719) 549-2418 or

Prospective students may obtain information about all CSU-Pueblo programs, as well as admission procedures, from the Visitor Center or the Office of Admissions.

For information about admission to CSU-Pueblo Online see the CSU-Pueblo Online section within the Special Academic Programs and Services section of this catalog.

Admission standards and requirements included in this section apply only to students entering the University in Fall 2019, Spring 2020, or Summer 2021. 

Application Deadlines

For the best scholarship opportunities, registration time, and housing considerations, applicants should apply and be admitted as early as possible. Those still in high school may apply once they have completed six semesters. To be considered for a specific term, all documents required for admission must be received in the Office of Admissions by the deadline for that term. Transfer students should allow sufficient time to have official transcripts sent from all institutions previously attended.

Application forms and credentials must be filed by the following deadlines:

Semester Date
Fall Semester August 1
Spring Semester January 2

Enrollment Deposit

Newly admitted freshman, transfer, international, and degree plus students are required to pay an enrollment deposit prior to registering for their first semester of classes at CSU-Pueblo. If a student pays and decides not to attend one semester, but attends another, a previously-paid deposit will be honored for one calendar year.

Students should contact the Office of Admissions for questions regarding the deposit.


Entering Freshman

Colorado State University-Pueblo’s admission process is designed to promote diversity within the student population and to assure equal access to qualified applicants. The final admission decision is based on the applicant’s potential for attaining a degree at the University.

First-time applicants are degree-seeking students who, at the time of application, have not yet successfully completed at least 24 credit hours of college-level course work after high school graduation. For these students, CSU-Pueblo will use several indicators to determine a student’s admissibility, including test scores, high school GPA, and rigor.

CSU-Pueblo is a moderately selective institution, and is committed to providing access to a 4-year college degree to any student is who academically prepared. CSU-Pueblo looks at several factors to determine preparation, including assessment scores, high school GPA, and academic rigor.

Included below is a more information about each of these indicators, along with the middle 50% GPA and test score ranges for students admitted for Fall 2018. Many students who have test scores or GPAs outside of those ranges will still be admitted. These ranges are meant to help students see what CSU-Pueblo is considering, but are not strict requirements that must be met.

GPA: 2.91-3.76

In general, students must have at least a 2.0 to be considered for admission. While there are some exceptions, they are reserved for students with extenuating circumstances.

Assessment scores:

               ACT: 18-23

               SAT: 950-1120

It is strongly recommended that students have at least a 14 on all subsections of the ACT or at least a 380 on all subsections of the SAT, though students with lower scores may still qualify for admission. 


While CSU-Pueblo will consider other indicators of rigor, it is recommended that students complete the following requirements:

Academic Area Number of Units*
English 4
Mathematics 4
Natural Science 3
Social Science 3
World Language 1
Academic Electives 2
Total 17

*An academic unit, often referred to as a Carnegie unit, is equivalent to one full school year of credit in a specific subject.

If a transcript includes both weighted and unweighted credentials, only the weighted credentials will be utilized by the University. If applicants do not achieve an index score of at least 86 with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and completion of the Higher Education Admission Requirements (HEAR), the credentials will be reviewed by an admissions committee which will base a recommendation for admission on:

  1. The applicant’s academic and personal potential to benefit from or contribute to University programs; and
  2. The applicant’s previous academic record. Students with non-traditional backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

A student admitted to Colorado State University-Pueblo with an index score of 86 or below is required to enroll in an academic skill building and success course in the first term of enrollment as a condition of admission to the University. The default course for all majors is US 101 Academic & Career Exploration (1 c.h.). The following courses are also acceptable: MUS 101 Music Performance Symposium I [ "0", (0,1 c.h.), EN 101 Introduction to Engineering (2 c.h.), EXHP 101 Intro to EXPER (2 c.h.), AIM 105 AIM and College Life (1 c.h.), CET 101 Intro to Civil Engineering Technology (2 c.h.), BIOL 171 First Year Seminar (1 c.h.), and BUSAD 101 Business-Careers and Opportunities (1 c.h.). Successful completion of the academic skill building course is a requirement of continued enrollment after the first semester. Students who are admitted with an index score of 80 or below are required to take a three credit course (US 151 Introduction to Academic Life (3 c.h.)) in their first semester. Students who are admitted with an index score of 81 to 86 are required in their first semester to take either a one credit course (US 101 Academic & Career Exploration (1 c.h.)) or substitute a course specified by their program and approved by the Curriculum and Academic Policies Board.

NOTE: Acceptance by the University does not necessarily mean acceptance into a particular degree program, some of which have admission requirements beyond those of the University.